Week 16 – EGA Rankings

Week 16 – EGA Rankings

Congrats guys, we passed the official halfway mark of the 2021 season last Friday!

We celebrated with the All-Star Break on Saturday at Fox Hills. It was an unexpected challenge as heavy rains the night before forced walking only conditions.

The morning event was the 3-Club challenge, one that I had personally been looking forward to all season. With a 4-iron, 7-iron and 56 degree I came out on top with Deji in second and Brice in third after a playoff hole between him, Billy and Brandon. Brandon hit two great shots and was looking at a 20 foot birdie putt while Billy and Brice found the green on their 4th shots. Brice made a nice 12 footer to save bogey using the sand wedge at the equator technique. Brandon, needing just two putts to ensure victory, ended up taking 4 putts to find the cup after using the sole of an iron to putt. Billy missed an unfortunate 3 footer(even with his putter in the bag) to tie and force another playoff hole. A surprising end result with Brice being in the worst shape off the tee.

With the sun beating down and carts nowhere to be seen, the players dwindled in the afternoon Par-3 challenge with just Billy, Brice and I duking it out. The putter got hot for Billy, as he sunk 3 birdie putts, all from outside 10 feet on his way to victory.

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