Champions League – Round 1

Champions League – Round 1

We’ve got an exciting weekend coming up with a double header feature for our Round 1 matches. The winner of each match will square off against each other in the Quarterfinals. 

Brice and Bowker squared off in the group stage with Bowker coming out victorious. Brice comes into this one as the underdog as the 13th seed but needs a win to keep pace with Billy in pursuit of the Black Jacket and EGA Tour glory. Bowker, with the 4th seed, will be hoping his 34 handicap will be enough to rattle Brice once again and allow him to sail smoothly into the next round. Taking place in neutral territory at Rouge Park, this is going to be a good one folks.

In our second match we have Phelan in the 5th seed against Ali, the 12th seed. These guys have not played one another before so this could come down to who can get comfortable and play their game. Ali has the advantage of playing close to home at Whispering Willows, but Brendon has been showing improvement all year long. Can he continue the run of strong form and move on to the quarterfinals or does he have wedding bells on the mind?

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