Week 21 – EGA Rankings

Week 21 – EGA Rankings

We are now in the quarterfinal round of the Champions League knockout bracket. Let’s take a look at our matchups

-Deji Adebiyi will be re-playing a group stage match against Brandon Harris. Brandon got the W the first time around but who comes out on top when it matters?

-Brendon Phelan gets a bye straight to the semifinals, an early wedding gift

-Brandon Fiting and Nick Ludka, our two lowest handicappers, will be squaring off

-Billy George and Will Bass are currently 2/3 of the way through their match. They started play at Hilltop on Tuesday and got hit with some heavy rains starting on the 4th hole. They stuck it out for as long as they could but ended up calling it quits after 14. The match currently stands all square with 4 holes left to play

Awesome to see that we have 4 players in contention to win it all in the standings. Nick now has a firm grasp on 2 of the 3 King of Courses after shooting even par 72 at Devil’s Ridge and now sits within 400. Brice is over 50 rounds on the season with some huge handicap improvement. But Billy, Nick and Will are still in contention for match and event points in the Champions League. With just 2 months left this could come down to the wire!

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