EGA Tour Cup

Elite Golf Presents

The Innaugural EGA Tour Season

2021 EGA Tour Calendar

  • Champion’s League / Group Stage Begins – April 1st (3 Rounds)
    *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • A season-long match play tournament involving a 3 match group stage in the spring with groups of 4 to seed the summer playoff elimination bracket
  • Spring Scramble – May 15th(1 Round)
    *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • Spring social outing

  • Detroit Youth Classic – July 10th/11th @ Rouge Park (2 Rounds)
    • An annual 2-day stroke play tournament to raise money for Detroit Youth Golf and provide opportunities for kids to play and learn the sport

  • All-Star Weekend – July 17th/18th @ The Myth (2 Rounds)
    • 3 Club Challenge
      *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • Par-3 Shoot-Out

  • Champion’s League / Playoff Bracket Begins– July 19th (1-4 rounds)
    *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • The playoffs for the season-long match play – seeding based on spring group play performance

  • Champion’s League / Final – September TBD (1 round)
    *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • The final match to determine who wins the 2021 Champion’s League

  • The Coastal Cup – October 22nd/23rd (3 Rounds)
    *GAM Handicap Adjusted
    • An annual invitational Ryder-Cup style tournament

  • EGA Tour Cup Awards – October 31st

GAM / GHIN Handicap Index Required

League Entry Fee – $25