Week 13 – EGA Rankings

Week 13 – EGA Rankings

Just like the weather, Week 13 was a wash for most of the EGA roster with only a few highlights.

-Chase jumps into the top 5 of the standings with a match win against Brendon

-Brandon drops into the green figures, dipping below his Week 1 handicap by 4 tenths to jump back into the top 5. -DeAngelo got his official handicap established and jumped up a few spots to tie Deji and Ali in 12th. 

-Brice was able to break the tie for King of the Course at Downing Farms with a 76. His lead now extends beyond 1,000 points over Billy in second. Flashback to Week 7, Billy had jumped out to a near 1,900 point advantage, which was overcome in just 3 weeks by our current number 1. How long can Brice hold on to the top spot?

Check out the updated rankings/score animated chart through week 13 https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/6583462/

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