Michigan Matchplay

A season-long match play tournament involving a 3 match group stage in the spring with groups of 4 to seed the summer playoff elimination bracket.

Courses for each match are at the discretion of each competing pair

Playoff Stage

Group Stage

Group A

Brandon F.
Brendon P.
Brice K.
Joseph A.

Group B

Amir J.
Andrew A.
Cooper H.
DeAngelo B.

Group C

Bill G.
Gerald D.
Nick L.
Stephen F.

Group D

Jake B.
Kyle F.
Nolan D.
Will B.


April 1st – Opening Day – Group Stage Begins

Each entrant will play 3 rounds within their group before July 9th

July 9th – Allstar Weekend – Playoff Bracket Begins

Entrants will be seeded in a bracket depending on their group play record.
Bye’s will be awarded based on the number of total entrants.

September – Michigan Matchplay Final – Championship Match