We have surpassed the 3,000 point mark as Brice remains on top despite some match wins from second place holder, Bill George. Don’t fret though if you find yourself further down the leaderboard, as there are still a lot of points up for grabs 5,250 event points still to be won 129 days left for round tracking = 3,225 points if you played everyday until Oct 31st King of Course are certainly not decided, I believe we can do better than the 89 and 91 for The Myth and Devil’s Ridge Group D met last Saturday and completed all of their matches. Billy had already defeated Andrew earlier in the year and added a W with a win over Ali 4&3. Dan was able to match that as he beat Andrew 4&3 and Ali 1up, and tied his match against Billy, giving him a boost up the leaderboard to 5th…

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Get his signature while you can, our very own Brice Kinney could be going pro by next year at the rate he’s currently on. He has come into full form mid-season and he’s putting in some great rounds, highlighted by an even-par 71 at Golden Hawk. He now sits at a 6.4 handicap, with the largest delta of the season so far. That puts him back into first place.  Further down the standings, Jake and Deji are hanging on to the 9th and 10th spots but could be relegated by match wins from Ali and Dan as their group meets at Fieldstone this weekend to battle it out. Billy will look to reclaim that top spot with a couple wins of his own. 

After Billy shot up the points in last week’s rankings, Brice has punched back with a strong week bringing him back into second. Matching the 78 at Downing Farms, he now shares King of the Course with Billy. He was also able to shoot an 89 at The Myth, which beats the current score of 90 he and Brandon had both posted.  As many of us are hitting full stride we’re starting to see some handicaps dropping. Billy, Brice, Brendon and Chase are all down from their week 1 handicaps.

We’re back after a week hiatus from the weekly updates and, as you can see from the rankings below, the points race has really taken off after our first event of the year, the Spring Scramble. Billy retakes the top spot after bagging just shy of 2,000 points between Week 6 and Week 8. Andres, our other winner from the scramble comes from nowhere to take over 3rd in the rankings. Kyle and Jake put in a solid performance in the scramble and bank some much needed points, taking second after winning a playoff hole against Deji and Brice. Billy was also able to snatch away King of the Course at Downing with a 78, a fantastic score that could hold up for some time. Brice has jumped to a large lead in the rounds played, closing in on 20 in just under two months time.

Big shake up in the standings this week. Despite having nothing lower than a par, Brice put in a consistent 18 holes and tied his career low score shooting 84 at Downing Farms to take over King of the Course, stealing away 500 points from our 5 week leader, Bill George. Brice now sits in a tie atop the leaderboard with Brendon at 1000 points each. Things could all look very different after this weekend though as we have our first event, the spring scramble. 3500 points will be up for grabs between 1st 2nd and 3rd place teams so make sure to bring your A game.

Week 5 saw our first triple header in the EGA with Brandon, Brendon and Kyle all squaring off in their Champions League matches at the Myth. Brandon was able to win his match against Kyle 1up taking it through all 18 holes. He shot a 90 which puts him in a tie with Brice as King of the Course, those two will split the points. Brandon is working his way up the rankings now sitting third. Brendon was also able to take down Kyle 3&2 and halving the match between he and Brandon keeping him firmly in second place in the Tour standings. 

Back again with another update for you. Not a lot of action this week leaving our top 4 in the standings unchanged. We’ve got a group headed to The Myth this weekend with some heavy hitters in Brandon and Kyle surely looking to take that King of the Course honor away from Brice.